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Oct 11, 2019 Return to Headlines

New Winter Parking Restrictions to Keep City Streets Safer

by Colleen Smith |

COQUITLAM, BC, Oct.11, 2019 – Coquitlam is introducing new parking restrictions in the upper Westwood Plateau area beginning Nov. 1, 2019 that will assist City crews in making our streets safer for winter driving during snow events.

In place from Nov. 1 to Mar. 15, the new parking restrictions will prohibit all on-street parking in certain areas during snow events. Having the streets free of vehicles allows City crews to plow streets clear from curb-to-curb making the streets safer for winter driving. A map showing the areas affected by the winter parking restrictions is available at www.coqutilam.ca/winterwise

Why are the Restrictions Necessary?

On-street parking, rather than in driveways or garages, makes it difficult for City crews to plow the full street. There were nine notable snow events in early 2019, with the first one occurring on Feb. 3 and the last on Mar. 7. Most of these events covered multiple days with cold weather preventing much of the snow from melting and resulting in accumulations of more than 45 cm on upper Westwood Plateau. 

Each time a City plow truck passes, snow piles grow larger until the streets are down to single lane traffic. This makes travel increasingly difficult for residents and reaches a point where larger vehicles such as snow plow trucks, garbage trucks and fire trucks can no longer safely navigate the street. 

When are the Restrictions in Place and What Do I Need to Do?

The restrictions will be in place Nov. 1, 2019 and continue until Mar. 15, 2020, and activated every time snow is in the forecast until the end of the snow event and the streets are clear. 

Coquitlam drivers are asked to follow all posted parking restrictions, keep the streets free of parked vehicles and park in driveways and on private property. In addition to allowing our crews to make our streets safer, this will prevent drivers from having to dig out their vehicle, and avoid a ticket or towing.

How to Know When the Parking Ban is in Effect

The City will advise when the parking ban has been activated in the following ways:

  • the City’s website at www.coquitlam.ca/winterwise
  • Public Service Advisories to the media,
  • email to residents who sign up for notifications from the City via the Westwood Plateau Parking Restrictions Notification Email List,
  • digital message boards along both Parkway and Plateau boulevards.

Other No Parking Restrictions

From Dec. 1 to Mar. 15, no parking restrictions are also in effect on other critical or problematic routes.

Look for signage along these routes and follow the posted restrictions to avoid being ticketed or towed: 

  • Pinetree Way north of David Avenue
  • Plateau Boulevard north of Robson Drive
  • Johnson Street from David Avenue to Robson Drive
  • Parkway Boulevard north of Panorama Drive
  • Lansdowne Drive north of Guildford Way
  • Chilko Drive from Tatla Place to Sharpe Street
  • Blue Mountain Street at Foster Avenue to Como Lake Avenue
  • Highland Drive east of Argyle Street
  • Falcon Drive north of Guildford Way
  • Steeple Drive north of Lansdowne Drive

A map showing all areas affected by seasonal parking restrictions is available at www.coquitlam.ca/winterwise. 

Be Winter Wise
Coquitlam’s Winter Wise program kicks in to gear each winter to minimize the impact of snow, ice, storms and colder temperatures. While the City works to keep roads safe and reduce service disruptions, residents are encouraged to do their part by clearing sidewalks and catch basins, parking off-street to allow for plowing, and being prepared for extended power failures or impassable roads. Go to www.coquitlam.ca/winterwise to learn more about City services and resident responsibilities during the winter months. 

Media contact:
Brad Lofgren
Director, Public Works