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Help Shape Coquitlam’s First Environmental Plan

by Sarah Rossi |

COQUITLAM, B.C., Nov. 4, 2019 Coquitlam is seeking feedback on a range of topics – from climate change to water conservation, recycling to wildlife protection – as it creates its first comprehensive environmental strategy. 

With the advancement of ​a wide variety of environmental initiatives across many City departments, the City is developing a strategic Environmental Sustainability Plan (ESP) to incorporate the City’s various environmental goals and objectives and supporting programs and policies into an overarching strategy that will provide a clear and flexible framework to help guide future decisions and ensure the long term resiliency and sustainability of the community.

An online engagement portal launched today at www.letstalkcoquitlam.ca to kick off the public consultation for the ESP. The portal will provide ways for residents to share their input on environmental sustainability in Coquitlam through survey questions, idea-sharing and storytelling. The feedback collected will help shape the ESP. 

 Feedback from the public is being collected on the ESP’s five themes:

  • Climate Action – Energy management, greenhouse gas emissions reduction and climate adaptation. Examples of related work to date include energy-efficiency City building upgrades and installation of LED streetlights and electric vehicle charging stations in the community.
  • Built Environment – Urban design, transportation and buildings. Related work to date has included neighbourhood design promoting walking, cycling and transit use, and encouraging a greater range of housing options.
  • Natural Areas, Wildlife and Habitat – Natural areas, parks green space, watercourses, riparian areas, biodiversity, wildlife and habitat, and forest and tree management. Examples of related work to date include bylaws to protect watercourses, tree and forest management, and promoting co-existence with wildlife as a Bear Smart Community.
  • Water Management – Water conservation, water quality monitoring and storm water management. Examples of related work to date include a long standing water conservation program, integrated stormwater management planning, an erosion and sediment control management strategy and bylaw requirements that protect water quality and the City’s drainage system network.
  • Waste Management – Reducing, reusing and recycling solid waste, including garbage, recyclables and green waste. Examples of related work to date include curbside collection of garbage, organics and recyclables, city-wide garage sales, large item pickup, and the city-owned and staffed Town Centre Recycling Depot.

The information and feedback collected through the engagement portal will be reflected in the draft ESP, to be developed in 2020 and presented to Council next fall. The City anticipates completing the plan by the end of 2020.

The community input opportunity is open now at www.letstalkcoquitlam.ca until Saturday, Nov. 30. More information about the project is available at www.coquitlam.ca/enviroplan.


Media contact:
Steffanie Warriner
Manager, Environmental Services