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Coquitlam Launches Two-year Review of Southwest Housing

by Rebecca Vaughan |

COQUITLAM, BC, June 23, 2020 Coquitlam will soon kick off a two-year review intended to create vibrant neighbourhoods with more housing options in the southwest part of the community.

Council approved the scope and process last night for the Southwest Housing Review (SWHR), which will consider housing, transportation and services in a 38-square-kilometre area. Part of Coquitlam’s Housing Choices initiative, the five-phase review will include extensive public consultation and is targeted for completion by mid-2022.

Creating an Updated Plan for the Southwest

The housing review will build on the Southwest Coquitlam Area Plan and various neighbourhood plans in the area located southwest of Barnet Highway that borders Port Coquitlam, New Westminster, Burnaby, Port Moody and both the Fraser and Coquitlam Rivers.

At the moment, 13,000 – about three-quarters – of the 17,000 lots in Southwest Coquitlam are designated for single-family homes, with higher-density and mixed uses located along the SkyTrain corridor and in neighbourhood centres such as Burquitlam-Lougheed, Austin Heights and Maillardville.

The SWHR will chart a renewed vision for housing – including new and more affordable options – in six defined neighbourhood pockets, along corridors, and in low-density areas of Southwest Coquitlam. The objectives of the SWHR are to:

  • Create land-use concepts for six neighbourhood pockets where owners have requested more intensive planning: Whiting Way-Appian Way, Guilby-Grayson, Charland-Joyce, Blue Mountain-Quadling, Sheriff and Austin-Poirier;
  • Support the creation of vibrant, livable corridors with a focus on sustainable transportation, varied housing options, improved public spaces, local commercial opportunities and public amenities;
  • Encourage ground-oriented projects that provide small-scale, relatively affordable housing options within existing neighbourhoods;
  • Provide additional opportunities for infill development (such as carriage homes, garden cottages and smaller lot sizes,) and a refined approach for managing the size of large single-family homes;
  • Evolve the character of Southwest Coquitlam in a manner that respects its history while meeting the needs of current and future residents; and
  • Provide more affordable housing options in Southwest Coquitlam.


A Phased Approach That Considers Public Input

Community engagement and public consultation will be built into all five phases of the project, which will kick off this summer:

  • Phase 1 – Mid to Late 2020: Create criteria for neighbourhood pocket requests, conduct research to better understand the existing housing situation, review best practices for corridor development and seek public opinion on the values and objectives of the SWHR.
  • Phase 2 – Early to Mid 2021: Prepare and consult the public on proposed land-use amendments for the neighbourhood pockets.
  • Phase 3 – Mid to Fall 2021: Incorporate initial findings and consultation results in a comprehensive set of proposed policies and directions for corridor, infill and detached housing alternatives, and consult with public.
  • Phase 4 – Fall 2021 to Early 2022: Develop vision for the corridor strategy, with focused public consultation for housing choices and detached housing alternatives.
  • Phase 5 – Early to Mid 2022: Prepare all necessary land-use amendments for the corridor strategy, housing choices and detached housing alternatives to present to Council.

The public consultation will kick off this fall and will include a variety of participation opportunities, such as online surveys and presentations, as well as other methods adapted to ensure safe physical distancing.

More information about Coquitlam’s Southwest Housing Review initiative and a copy of the staff report can be found at www.coquitlam.ca/swhr.

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