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2014 Projects - Community Engagement

by GS GS |

Setting priorities in the ever-changing municipal environment presents challenges and opportunities. Coquitlam is growing in a deliberate and thoughtful way. It’s more important than ever that we hear from members of the community regarding the changes takintg place in our city. There are so many ways to get connected with Coquitlam City Hall, and in 2014 the City has a number of projects underway with community consultation and engagement opportunities:

  • ™™Town Hall – April 12: Mayor and Council invite Coquitlam residents to share their ideas and views and provide input at a Town Hall Meeting. There is no set agenda at a Town Hall Meeting – these more informal meetings provide community members an opportunity to voice their opinions, suggest new ideas or ask questions of City Council and senior staff.
  • Evergreen Line/Pinetree Enhancement – Spring 2014: Learn about ways the City will be enhancing public spaces along the Evergreen Line – creating accessible, usable and aesthetically appealing spaces.
  • Industrial Zone Review – Spring/Summer 2014: Coquitlam’s Industrial Zones are being streamlined with the objectives of making the zones: easier to administer; more flexible for users; and more responsive to the changing needs of the business community. Three new industrial zones will replace the current nine zones; applying the three zones should minimize the number of non-conforming uses by permitting a greater number of industrial uses within each zone.
  • Mundy Park Forest Management Plan – Spring 2014: Mundy Park is the largest of Coquitlam’s parks with 400 acres of dedicated Urban Forest. It provides recreational, environmental, aesthetic and health benefits to the community. Given its importance, the City identified the development of a forest management plan as a priority in 2013.
  • ™™Northwest Burke Visioning – Fall 2014: The Northwest Burke Vision is an 18-month process, involving land owners and other stakeholders to determine servicing and phasing, as well as environmental issues.
  • Parks Recreation & Culture Master Plan – Spring/Summer 2014: A new Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan will provide an overall framework to provide a foundation for all the current departmental plans, and strategies. The Plan will: establish directions for future initiatives, with clear deliverables and outcomes, that align and support the goals and directions of the updated Corporate Strategic Plan; review park and facility inventory and capacity; identify priorities for facilities, parks and amenities based on population projections and growth, and participation trends; and allow staff and Council to be responsive to changing needs, trends, and opportunities.

Please continue to visit for updated timelines on these projects and details on how you may be able to participate so your voice is heard.

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