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Coquitlam Current: Consolidating Our Industrial Zones

by GS GS |

As part of the City’s action plan to be more business friendly, the City launched a comprehensive review of our industrial zones in order to ensure that the zones are well suited to meet business needs. 

After extensive research, the City is proposing to consolidate the existing nine industrial zones into three broader and more flexible zones. 

Through this review, the goal is to create zones that: 

  • simplify our industrial zone structure; 
  • provide a broader range of permitted industrial uses within each zone; 
  • increase flexibility for property owners and business operators; 
  • are more responsive to the changing needs of the business community; and 
  • are easier to administer. 

Why is this important and what does this mean to our city? 

A thriving business and industrial sector that translates into better jobs locally and opportunities for improved local services and a better quality of life for the citizens of Coquitlam. 

And that is why we are now inviting stakeholder and community input into our review to ensure that the proposed changes benefit our community as a whole. 

Please visit the City’s website at to review details of the proposed changes and to complete a comment form. All feedback will be reviewed and considered by Council and staff as part of the industrial zone review. We ask that all written feedback be received by August 18, 2014.