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Vote in November – it Matters!

by GS GS |

Increasingly, people are looking to reconnect with their community, know their neighbours and support local businesses. Activities might include shopping and dining in their neighbourhood or purchasing craft beer from the region. This November you can add another activity to that list - municipal voting. On November 15, Coquitlam residents will go to the polls to elect a Mayor, eight Councillors and four School Trustees.

And believe it or not, your vote matters.

The decisions made by Mayor and Council and the School Board directly affect residents’ everyday life. The citizens who are elected will serve in office for four years (compared to three years in previous elections), and City Council will be responsible for making decisions about vital matters such as roads, public safety, water and utilities, parks, community centres, festivals, neighbourhood planning, and development and property taxes (with

school trustees being responsible for public education). So, along with your grocer, butcher or local restaurateur, we encourage you to get to know the people asking to be your Mayor, Councillors and School Trustees. And get out and vote!

We’ve made it easy! In Coquitlam, there are five advance voting opportunities on November 5, 8, 12 and 14. On general election day, November 15, there are 24 polling stations across the City and you can vote at any one of the locations. Visit the City of Coquitlam website at for details on the locations and times for voting opportunities, voter qualifications, a complete list of candidates, dates of All-Candidates’ Meetings, and all other election details.

Have your say in in the Coquitlam Municipal Election on November 15 – Vote-It Matters!