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Parking Options during Poirier Construction

by GS GS |

COQUITLAM, BC, Thursday, July 10, 2014 – Patrons visiting the Poirier area of Coquitlam – for recreation, special events or Famers’ Markets – are reminded that some parking has been affected by the construction of the new Covered Dry Floor Facility.

In an effort to provide additional parking, temporary on-street parking will be permitted in some areas of Winslow Avenue, west of Poirier Street. Please follow all signage to ensure compliance.Additionally, parking is available at the following locations: 

  • Parking on the east side of Poirier Street, between and around the pool and the library;
  • Parking at 640 Poirier Street (Poirier Administration Building);
  • Parking at the Tennis Courts (entrance off Foster Avenue);
  • Parking at Poirier Sport & Leisure Complex, and Dogwood Pavilion.

Construction of the new facility is expected be completed in the fall of 2014.

For more information on the new Covered Dry Floor Facility, please visit www.coquitlam.ca/pdff.


Media contact:
Brent Cormack
Manager, Facilities Planning & Construction