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Nov 09, 2015 Return to Headlines

Coquitlam Residents Separating Their Waste

by Michelle Frilund |

COQUITLAM, BC, November 9, 2015 - Waste diversion in Coquitlam is at an all-time high thanks to the new solid waste system launched in 2014, as well as the diligent efforts by residents to separate their garbage, recycling and food scraps.

Since 2011, the City’s waste diversion rate had consistently been just under 55%. However, staff are projecting a diversion rate of approximately 73% for 2015 – even higher than the 65% regional goal for single family residential.

Compared to 2013, the tonnage of organics collected is expected to be 70% higher while the tonnage of garbage collected is expected to be approximately 40% lower. 

These dramatic shifts are directly attributable to the new automated curbside collection system that was implemented by the city in mid-2014. Under this new system, residents receive weekly Green Can collection and bi-weekly garbage collection. 

To address issues related to wildlife, particularly bears, accessing residential garbage the City has taken the following measures: 

  • All Green Carts are outfitted with wildlife-resistant locks.
  • A multi-media, multi-lingual education and outreach campaign.
  • Increased neighbourhood patrols and enforcement for violations under the City’s solid waste bylaw. 
  • A pilot project to test the effectiveness of a new “gravity lock”, which is designed to maintain the cart locked until it is lifted and tipped upside down for emptying by the collection truck. 

Additionally, the City also provides a number of tools and enhanced services to residents to help make separating and disposing of waste as easy as possible including: 

  • ReCollect App and Waste Wizard – this tool, available online at www.coquitlam.ca/curbsidecollection or as a downloadable app, reminds residents of collection day and provides other useful reminders and searchable information, such as, where to recycle specific household waste (e.g. paint, oil, batteries, plastics, etc.).
  • Enhanced recycling at Civic facilities to ensure users are separating their waste in City buildings.
  • Two recycling depots with bins for cardboard, mixed containers and mixed paper, available for Coquitlam residents only.
  • Seasonal Unlimited Yard Trimmings – twice a year residents can put unlimited yard waste at the curbside on their collection day.
  • Yard Trimmings Drop Off Facility (995 United Boulevard) where Coquitlam residents can take yard trimmings for free all year.
  • Large Item Pick Up – residents can have up to four large items collected at curbside in a year.

For more information on the City’s solid waste collection program, or any of the tools listed above, visit www.coquitlam.ca/trashtalk.


Media contact:
Steffanie Warrnier
Manager, Environmental Services