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Aug 28, 2018 Return to Headlines

Enhancements Completed along Burquitlam Corridor

by Michelle Frilund |

COQUITLAM, BC, Aug. 28, 2018 – Pedestrians, cyclists, transit users and motorists along the North Road and Clarke Road corridor will have an improved – and illuminated – experience with the completion of the North Road and Clarke Road Enhancement Project.

The project provides a number of functional and aesthetic improvements along the busy corridor. In addition to maintaining vehicle capacity, new features include: 

  • Iconic light features
  • Improvements for pedestrians and cyclists such as multi-use pathways,
  • Safer pedestrian crossings by reducing street crossing distances,
  • Wider sidewalks along high pedestrian traffic areas
  • Illuminated street markers and wayfinding at key intersections,
  • Landscaping enhancements, and 
  • Decorative lighting.

“In Coquitlam, our goal is to create not only a safe and functional transportation network, but also one that contributes positively to the look and feel of the neighbourhood,” said Mayor Richard Stewart, City of Coquitlam. “With the arrival of SkyTrain in our community, we had an opportunity to look beyond the concrete guideway and pillars and create unique public spaces that give this area a distinct sense of place.” 

“The North Star at Gatineau Place is yet another welcome addition to Burnaby’s developing array of inspiring art installations, wide urban trails, and colourful medians,” said Mayor Derek Corrigan.  “As our City grows, we’re focused on ensuring our streets and town centres are attractive and welcoming for pedestrians and cyclists.”

Pedestrian Improvements
Pedestrian improvements along Clarke Road include the creation of a multi-use pathway along the west side of Clarke Road from Como Lake Avenue to Kemsley Avenue complete with pedestrian scale lights and tree planting to improve connectivity of local neighbourhoods and enhance aesthetics.  

Additional sidewalk and boulevard enhancements were installed along North Road and Clark Road to facilitate pedestrian traffic.

North Road and Clarke Road Light Features
The North Road and Clarke Road Enhancement Project includes the installation of a number of iconic gateway lighting features, accent lighting, and projectors below the SkyTrain guideway.

Two gateway features were installed at the northernmost and southernmost ends of the corridor: 

  • The Clarke Road gateway feature was installed at the intersection of North Road and Clarke Road and southeast corner of the Como Lake/Clarke intersection.  It features an illuminated street marker highlighting the theme of transportation.
  • The North Star, located on North Road in the Median at Gatineau, is associated with the north-south alignment of North Road, as well as its history as a goods and people movement corridor. 

A third gateway feature, the Plaza Star, will be installed upon completion of the new multi-family residential development at the intersection of North Road and Clarke Road, just north of Cottonwood Avenue.

The Accent Lighting and Gateway Features will display a coordinated and programmable colour display. Four seasonal lighting concepts have been developed for the corridor: winter (blue and white), spring (purple and pink), summer (yellow and pink) and fall (orange and white) and six holiday/special event themes.  The system will allow for a wide variety of colour variations. Staff from both Burnaby and Coquitlam will meet on an annual basis to confirm themes for the coming year.

About the North Road and Clarke Road Enhancement Project
The North Road and Clarke Road Enhancement Project, led by the City of Coquitlam in partnership with the City of Burnaby, TransLink and the Province of B.C., was approved in 2015. It planned for the creation of attractive and functional streetscape enhancements along the rapidly growing transit corridor.

North Road and Clarke Road is a key rapid transit and development corridor. It follows the Evergreen Extension to the SkyTrain Millennium Line along North Road and Clarke Road up to the North side of Como Lake Avenue.

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