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Nov 01, 2018 Return to Headlines

Take Steps to Prevent Flooding During Heavy Rain

by Michelle Frilund |

COQUITLAM, BC, Nov. 1, 2018 – Heavy rain is in the forecast in Coquitlam for the next 24 hours and, while City crews are out working on drainage intakes and critical catch basins, we are asking residents to take steps to reduce the risk of flooding and other impacts.

Avoid Flooding

  • Flooding can occur when runoff from extremely heavy rain exceeds the capacity of the City’s drainage system. Flooding can also happen when drain pipes become blocked by tree roots or debris. Residents can help prevent flooding by:
  • Cleaning foundation drains and sumps: These drains collect water from the house and property and direct it to the City storm sewer. The pipes can become blocked by leaves, dirt, roots or debris and should be flushed out periodically, or in some cases replaced. 
  • Clearing gutters and catch basins: Keep the catch basins near your property and gutters on buildings clear of leaves, debris and snow. Rake up leaves in the fall to prevent them from plugging drains. Visit and go to Resident Responsibilities to find a link to a Catch Basins Map.
  • Clearing ditches and culverts: If you have an open ditch along your property, check to see that it is clear. Common items such as toys, balls, and milk jugs can often get lodged in the culverts and cause water to back up.
  • Repairing broken or damaged pipe: Broken or damaged pipe can cause blockages and flooding of your home. Check that your home drainage system is working properly.
  • Do not blow leaves from private property onto City streets, as that greatly increases the flooding risk.

Emergency City drainage problems can be reported to Coquitlam’s 24-hour Engineering and Public Works line at 604-927-3500. 

Tree Risk
High winds can also topple trees, especially those that are unstable. Trees of concern on public property can be reported to the City’s Parks Customer Service line at 604-927-6300.

Property owners are responsible for ensuring the health and maintenance of trees on their land. This may include hiring an ISA-certified arborist to assess the health of the trees. For more information on tree management, visit

More information about City services and resident responsibilities during the winter months can be found at

Be Winter Wise
Coquitlam’s Winter Wise program kicks into gear each winter to minimize the impact of snow, ice, storms and colder temperatures. While the City works to keep roads safe and reduce service disruptions, residents are encouraged to do their part by clearing sidewalks and catch basins, parking off-street to allow for plowing, and being prepared for extended power failures or impassable roads. Go to for tips and information. 

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