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Jan 08, 2020 Return to Headlines

Be Prepared for Snow

by Colleen Smith |

COQUITLAM, BC, Jan. 8, 20​20 – Metro Vancouver is expecting a cooling trend with potential snow flurries in the next few days and snowfall this coming weekend. Coquitlam residents are reminded to make sure they are prepared and ‘winter wise.’

City crews have begun their winter response and will be working 24/7 with Public Works’ management monitoring the situation closely to mobilize additional resources as necessary.

When and if snow is falling, streets will be plowed according to the City’s priority routes system focusing on primary roads (arterials, collectors, bus routes and access roads to schools) with local roads and lanes only being plowed as resources allow. Check out Captain Public Works vid​eo explaining our priority routes.

Tips to Keep You and Your Family Safe and Comfortable
To minimize disruptions, please follow these helpful tips to be prepared:

Home and property

  • Shut off your outside water to protect outdoor faucets and other plumbing.
  • Assess your trees and trim dead branches to reduce the danger of them falling on power lines or your house during a storm.
  • Clean the catch basin grates near your property regularly to prevent flooding. You can locate catch basins adjacent to your property by viewing this map
  • Have flashlights and extra batteries on hand.
  • Consider an alternate safe heating system in case of power failures (not gas, propane or kerosene, which cannot be used inside) - make sure to follow directions.


  • Take transit if you are not comfortable driving in the snow, or if roads are impassable or dangerous.
  • Ensure your vehicle is winterized and in proper working condition. Drive only with good snow tires. They are made to handle snow, ice and lower temperatures better than winter-rated all-season tires.
  • Keep a small, portable emergency kit in your vehicle with food, water, extra clothing, first aid supplies and other necessities (download a checklist on the Winter Preparedness & Safety page at

You and your loved ones

  • Make arrangements with loved ones who are elderly or have limited mobility and live on their own to help them prepare for winter.
  • Don’t let important prescriptions, supplies or foodstuffs run too low in case the weather prevents you from restocking.
  • When heading outside, wear warm clothing and solid shoes or boots with good traction, or at least bring them with you. 

What You Can Do to Help
There are a few additional reminders on things you can do to help City crews serve you better in the case of a snowfall:

  • Park in the driveway so that plows can clear curb to curb and look for seasonal no-parking zones. Information on all areas affected by seasonal parking restrictions is available at
  • Clear your sidewalk and driveway by shoveling snow on the right side of your driveway as you face the road – this can help reduce the amount of snow that gets pushed back onto your driveway from a snow plow.
  • If a snowplow approaches while you are out walking, move to the inside of the sidewalk and stay far away from the road while it passes.
  • If you have a basketball hoop on the road (especially in cul de sacs) please move it onto your property to permit plows to clear the street properly.
  • Residents can report any areas of snow concern through the Coquitlam Snow Response Request tool available at This tool enables information to be provided to City staff in real-time and facilitates a more efficient and effective response.

Be Winter Wise
Coquitlam’s Winter Wise program kicks into gear each winter to minimize the impact of snow, ice, storms and colder temperatures. While the City works to keep roads safe and reduce service disruptions, residents are encouraged to do their part. For more information, or for City updates during winter weather events, visit or follow the City on Facebook or Twitter.

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