Finance & Funding - Financial Plan

The Local Government Act requires the City of Coquitlam to complete a Five-Year Financial Plan and Budget each year. The Financial Plan ensures responsible money management and relates directly to the priorities identified by the community.

Why does the City prepare a Financial Plan?

  • The Financial Plan provides City staff with clear direction on spending levels for each defined priority and the authority to pay for services for Coquitlam residents.
  • Ensures that City staff are accountable to the residents.

How does the City develop a Financial Plan?

The Financial Plan development process begins with strategic planning and includes public consultation, extensive background briefings for Council and comprehensive discussion sessions that culminate in a proposed Five-Year Financial Plan for Council approval. It also includes a number of key budget assumptions. Using this as a basis, work plans are developed for each department, with resource needs identified. Together with the Strategic Plan and Business Plan, this approach to financial planning provides for a thorough, strategic focus in the budget deliberations.

Where can I get more information about the City’s Financial Plan?

Download - Five-Year Financial Plan 201​9 - 20​22 

2019 Budget Speech

On Feb. 2​5, 2019 Mayor Richard Stewart provided introductory comments prior to Council consideration of the 2019-202​3 Five-Year Financial Plan Bylaw.

The Annual Tax Rates Bylaw​ was adopted ​on May 6, 2019, after the BC Assessment Authority information on property values ​became available. See the 2019 Annual Tax Rates Bylaw, which includes 2019 Municipal Tax Rates.

The 201​9-202​3 Five Year Financial Plan document will also be posted to the website in spring 201​9.

See also Information Bulletin – Coquitlam’s 2019 Budget Provides for a Growing Community.

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