Youth Recreation Plan

Coquitlam Parks, Recreation and Culture Services is updating its Youth Plan to support youth in achieving a healthy, balanced lifestyle that includes opportunities to play, move, create, connect and explore.

Did you know?

  • Youth who engage in outdoor active play in natural environments show increased resilience and coping skills.
  • Youth who participate in the arts and creative activities show increased learning and community involvement.
  • Youth who feel connected to their community are more likely to report a positive outlook.
  • Youth who get at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day are much more likely to get sufficient sleep and feel happy.

The project has included two consultation phases: a youth participant survey conducted in the summer and a community survey and other engagement opportunities in late fall 2018.

Phase I: Youth Recreation Participant Survey: Summer 2018

In the first phase of consultation, we asked current participants for their feedback on Coquitlam programs and facilities and their suggestions for other park, recreation and culture activities and amenities.

Phase II: Youth Recreation Community Survey: Fall 2018

In the second phase, we asked for additional input on how we can help young residents continue to enjoy or rediscover the benefits of play, creativity, and movement, and participate in ways that work for them. We ​heard from youth (11-18 years) and young adults (19-24 years), as well as from adults who support youth at home, at school, and in the community. Everyone interested in youth recreation and wellness ​was invited to provide input and participate in the consultation.

The information gathered will support the development of goals to ensure that young residents can access the quality park, recreation and culture experiences they value, have opportunities to develop skills, contribute ideas, make new connections and try new things.  And most of all, enjoy a healthy lifestyle now and into the future.


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