Building Better

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What does Building Better mean?

Using sustainable building approaches and purpose-built features which mimic nature or promote a healthy environment.

The City of Coquitlam is using innovations and progressive development approaches to mitigate our impact on the natural environment. Through the Building Better campaign, the City aims to inform, educate and inspire by showcasing projects which are built with nature in mind. We want to recognize the builders, developers and businesses in Coquitlam who are building better too.

Examples of building better:

  • absorbent topsoil,
  • pervious pavement,
  • rain gardens,
  • infiltration trenches,
  • UV reflective pavement,
  • bioswales,
  • rain barrels,
  • green lanes,
  • vegetated swales,
  • street trees,
  • engineered soil,
  • water quality ponds,
  • green roofs and walls, and
  • stream enhancement projects.

Building better helps to reduce greenhouse gases, uses less energy, improves water quality and reduces erosion in creeks and rivers, reduces heat island effect, provides healthy aquatic habitat, and protects watershed health.

Look for the Building Better Green Star around Coquitlam.

Apply For A Green Star

Do you have a project that was built better? Developers, buildes and businesses can fill out the application form and submit it for approval. If the project qualifies for the Building Better program, you will receive our Building Better Green Star to help the public identify your project as being "built better."

For more information:

Development Services
P: 604-927-3985

Building Better Projects

The lists below are expandable and have descriptions of feature projects that can be found around our city. Click "Expand" to find out more about the innovative projects that are all around Coquitlam. These projects are the inititatives of either the City, businesses, contractors, builders and/or developers.

Check them out and you will start to recognize these features in our city.

Feature Project - Northeast Coquitlam Storm System

Water quality ponds and diversion pipes are part of a unique drainage system on Burke Mountain that provides flood protection for residents while protecting valuable creeks and fish habitat. A network of pipes on the mountain diverts large, damaging water flows away from smaller creeks and discharges it to Deboville Slough. To keep some flow in the creeks, flow splitters on the diversion pipes bleed off water and direct it to treatment devices and water quality ponds where pollutants and sediment are captured and settled out first.

City of Coquitlam Projects

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  • Pervious Asphalt

  • Parking Lot Bioswale

  • Roadside Rain Gardens, Infiltration Trenches and Swales

  • Nelson Creek Enhancement

  • Galloway Rain Garden

  • Rain Barrels

Business Projects

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  • IKEA

  • TD Canada Trust and Tree Canada

  • Cascade Envirotech and ISL Engineering - Lougheed Bioswale

  • Commercial Developments and Parking Lots

Contractors', Builders', Developers' and Organizations' Projects

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  • Mainroad Construction - EZ Street Paving

  • QUALICO – Absorbent Topsoil

  • WESBILD – Green Street

  • BOSA – Westwood Village (Altamonte, Edgemont, Claremont)

  • Morningstar

  • Artists Response Team

  • Water Balance Model

Watch and Learn

The Master of Land and Water Systems program team at University of British Columbia (UBC) has produced a series of videos that introduce the innovative designs and approaches being used to manage urban stormwater.

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  • Introduction to Innovative Stormwater Management

  • Building Better Properties

  • Building Better Neighborhoods

  • Building Better Watersheds