Building Better

Through the Building Better campaign, the City aims to inform, educate and inspire by showcasing projects which are built with nature in mind.

Climate Action Progress

The City of Coquitlam has agreed to address climate change by signing the Climate Action Charter in 2007, committing to become carbon neutral by 2012 and to reduce energy consumption and associated corporate Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions from City operations by 30% by 2015.


As part of the City’s commitment to implement energy conservation measures to fulfill its corporate Climate Action commitments, ​the City has undertaken a number of fleet management initiatives relating to environment, climate change and sustainable energy.

Environmental Events & Programs

Coquitlam has many environmental events year round and offers many programs for the whole family to be part of.

European Chafer Beetle

The European chafer is an insect pest introduced into Canada. It is known to cause serious damages on turf since the larvae feed on the fibrous roots of turf grasses.

Garbage & Recycling

Your enthusiastic participation in recycling, composting and diverting waste is making a difference in our community! Your positive actions keep waste out of landfill, conserve natural resources, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Most conventional pesticides, including products labeled herbicide, insecticide, fungicide or combined fertilizer/herbicide products are now restricted, except Pesticides listed as Permitted Pesticides, and
Biological pest controls.

Tree Management

Information on trees and tree care in Coquitlam.

Water Conservation

Water conservation is important to everyone. Conserving water not only benefits our natural ecosystems but also helps residents save money.

Watercourse Protection

There are many kilometers of creeks, streams and rivers stretching across Coquitlam. Protecting these watercourses is important as they offer valuable services such as providing habitat for many aquatic plants and animals.

Wildlife & Pest Management

While we live in an urban environment, wildlife, big and small, lives all around us, and with us. The City of Coquitlam offers pest control advice to help mitigate risks living with urban wildlife.