Watercourse Protection

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There are many kilometres of creeks, streams and rivers stretching across Coquitlam. Protecting these watercourses is important as they offer valuable services such as providing habitat for many aquatic plants and animals. The City coordinates a variety of watercourse enhancement initiatives, implements monitoring programs and supports legislation to protect our watercourses.

Help Protect Fish and Aquatic Life

Did you know that storm drains – and anything poured into them – empty directly into local creeks and streams?

Pool and cleaning chemicals, pesticides, paint, solvents, oil and other toxins require careful disposal.

Using storm drains to dispose of these and other toxins is not only harmful to fish and other wildlife – killing thousands of fish in local waterways in recent years – but could lead to penalties under the City’s Stream and Drainage System Protection Bylaw and from provincial and federal authorities.

How to Properly Dispose of Chemicals

Residents and property owners are responsible for properly disposing of hazardous materials. Use  Coquitlam’s Waste Wizard or visit rcbc.ca to search for safe disposal locations.

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Integrated Watershed Management

For all urban watersheds, Coquitlam is developing Integrated Watershed Management Plans (IWMP) to preserve watershed health, while also meeting community needs and facilitating growth and development. IWMP’s use a Net Environmental Benefit approach that strives to improve fish and fish habitat.

Committees and Stewardship

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  • Coquitlam River Watershed Roundtable

  • Storm Drain Marking Program

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