Pest Management

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Dealing with pests is part of urban living. Coquitlam is home to a variety of pests including rodents and insects such as bees, wasps, European chafer beetle and mosquitos.

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Rats and mice are common pests in the urban environment. Signs of their presence include droppings, tracks (foot prints), urine, noises, and chew marks.

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  • Tips to minimize rodent visitors to your home and property

If rodents or other pests persist, please call a licensed pest control company. Local pest control services can be found on or other internet search engines.

It is resident’s responsibility to not attract pests to their property. The Wildlife and Vector Control Bylaw No. 4284, 2012 was developed to protect public health by requiring property owners and tenants to prevent their property from becoming infested by pests that may spread disease (vectors).


Bats are protected under the Wildlife Act and cannot be disturbed from May 1 - Sept 1. For more information, please contact the Community Bat Programs of BC at 1-855-922-2287.


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  • Bees and Wasps

  • European Chafer Beetle

  • Mosquitoes

If you are concerned about nuisance mosquitoes, or would like to request a site visit to investigate standing water for potential mosquito breeding, email

For information about this program or to report mosquito related concerns, please call the Mosquito Hotline: 604-432-6228. This line is monitored by Morrow Bio Science Ltd., the current service provider. Messages will be returned within 24 hours.

To learn more about mosquito management, visit our service provider's website: Morrow BioScience Ltd.

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