Wildlife Management

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Living Smart with Urban Wildlife

Coquitlam is home to bears, cougars, coyotes, deer, raccoon, skunks, crows, pigeons and many other wildlife. This is why we find these animals in our neighbourhoods sometimes seeking out garbage for food as well as looking for shelter.

It is important that we deter wildlife from our properties by removing attractants, such as garbage, fruit, pet food and bird seed and preventing access to areas that wildlife may use as a den.

We live on nature’s doorstep and these animals are part of our environment, but they can become pests and unwanted visitors. Help prevent human-wildlife conflict.

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  • Tips to make your home and property wildlife-resistant

$500 Fine

Residents can be fined up to $500 for not managing their attractants correctly. It is every resident’s responsibility to make sure their waste does not attract wildlife as outlined in our Solid Waste Management Bylaw and Wildlife & Vector Control Bylaw.

In addition, feeding wildlife is illegal in BC under section 33.1 and 88.1 of the Wildlife Protection Act.

To report wildlife attractants, improper storage of attractants or wildlife accessing attractants, call the City at 604-927-3500.

To report wildlife that is aggressive or causing property damage, call the Conservation Officer Service at 1-877-952-7277.

Become a Bear Smart Household

You can promise to follow Coquitlam’s ‘Bear Smart’ Guidelines and complete our online pledge to become a ‘Bear Smart’ Household.  The City will mail you a Bear Smart sticker that you can display to show your community that you are a proud Bear Smart Household!

Click here to take the "Bear Smart' pledge today!​

Educational Videos!

Living with your Wild Neighbours – How to Stay Safe

Help keep your neighbourhood and wildlife safe by securing all attractants and smelly items including garbage, food scraps, bird seed, compost and fruit. Ensure your home and property are wildlife resistant.

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  • Keep Your Distance

  • If You Encounter Wildlife

Injured or Abused Animals?

Click HERE for information on injured animals, animal cruelty or abuse of domestic animals.

If you observe wildlife in distress:

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