Education & Events

Waste Reduction and Recycling School Workshops

The City of Coquitlam continues to provide fun, educational and hands-on workshops on waste reduction and recycling. These workshops are led by trained City staff who will visit your classroom for free! Our primary focus is to teach proper waste sorting and the importance of the 3Rs. Workshops can be adapted to any age group as well as ESL classes. Prepare your students to be stewards of a sustainable future by immersing them into the fascinating world of waste reduction and recycling!

For more information or to book a workshop, please email us at or call 604-927-4310.

Community Outreach

Is your community group interested in learning more about garbage and recycling in Coquitlam? Need more information to help you become bear aware?

We deliver presentations to community groups to help further educate residents on waste reduction and recycling in Coquitlam. To book a presentation please call 604-927-3500 or email: (for general waste & recycling presentations) (for bear aware and urban wildlife presentations)