Waste Reduction Tips

Separate Your Waste

Use the Waste Wizard tool to find out how or where to recycle items.

Love Food - Hate Waste Campaign

Over half of the food waste that is disposed of in Metro Vancouver households could have been consumed. Follow the tips from Metro Vancouver's Love Food - Hate Waste campaign to save big on your household grocery bill!

Coquitlam Residents Are Serious About Separation!

Since changing to bi-weekly garbage collection, the City’s waste diversion rate has jumped from 55% to over 73% in 2015. That means Coquitlam residents separated over 21,000 tonnes of green waste, food scraps and recyclables in 2015 to divert them from going to the landfill.

Metro Vancouver’s Organic Disposal Ban

Organics must be separated from regular garbage. This includes raw food, plate scrapings, leftovers, depackaged food, meat, etc. Some food soiled paper, such as pizza boxes, paper towels, can also be collected with your food scraps. Refer to the Green Cart tab for further information on acceptable materials. For more information visit metrovancouver.org/foodscraps