Separation & Collection Guidelines

Separate your waste into one of these waste streams.

Green Cart: Kitchen scraps, food-soiled paper and yard trimmings. Picked up once a week by the City.

Recycling: Containers, newspapers, glass and paper products. Picked up once a week through Recycle BC.

Garbage: Waste that can’t be composted or recycled. Picked up every two weeks by the City.


Report missed collections.

Your Green Cart and Garbage Cart are collected by the City’s collection contractor. For missed collections call Waste Connections Canada at 604-636-3520.

Your recycling is collected by Recycle BC. For more information visit To report missed collections contact GFL Environmental (formerly Smithrite) at 604-529-4011.

For more help separating your waste – Use the City’s Waste Wizard tool to find out how to recycle, compost, or dispose of it.

Curbside collection guidelines

Carts with incorrect placement at the curb, incorrect contents, excess weight, or overflowing with lids not fully closed, may NOT be collected.

Where & How

Unclip the wildlife clips on your Green Cart.

Set the carts so they face out towards the street, with the cart wheels placed against the curb or edge of the road.

Place carts 1 metre away from each other or blue boxes, 1.5 metres away from any cars, and with 3 metres of open space above the closed lid.


For information on set-out times for your
Garbage, Green Cart and Recycling, 
click HERE.

DO NOT place the cart out the night before collection.
Doing so may result in a $500 FINE.

Weight Restrictions

When full, Garbage Carts and Green Carts must not weigh more than: 50kg for a 120L cart, 100kg for a 240L cart, 150kg for a 360L cart.


  • Between collection days, store your Garbage Cart and Green Cart in a secure location such as a garage or shed.
  • If you don’t have a secure inside location to store your carts, keep any material indoors that might attract wildlife and then put it out on collection day.

Cart Size Options

Garbage Carts and Green Carts are available in 3 sizes: 120L, 240L and 360L. A $50 admin fee applies for any exchanges and must be paid in person at City Hall in the Engineering Department. Your garbage utility fee will only be affected by the size of your Garbage Cart; the larger the garbage cart, the higher your fees are. Call 604-927-3500 for more details.


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  • For curbside collection information, please call Waste Connections of Canada at 604​-636​-3520.
  • For Engineering Customer Service, call 604​-927​-3500.
  • If your carts are lost or damaged, or if you need to upsize or downsize, please call Engineering Customer Service at 604​-927​-3500.

Engineering Customer Service