Green Carts

Turn your waste into something good

How to use your Green Cart

Collect your food scraps and food-soiled paper in a kitchen container of your choice.

Empty the kitchen container into your Green Cart. Yard trimmings may be added.

Place your cart ​at the curbside on collection day. Unlock the wildlife-resistant clips.


For information on set-out times for your Garbage, Green Cart and Recycling, click HERE.

Extra Green Carts

Extra Green Carts can be purchased for a one-time fee from $140-$160. There is no additional charge on your annual Utility Fee for having extra Green Carts collected.

To purchase an extra Green Cart, please call 604-927-3500 or email

Green Cart Tips

  • Keep the wildlife clips secured, unclipping them only on collection day.
  • Freeze food scraps, until collection day.
  • Line your Green Cart with newspaper or kraft paper bags.
  • Store in a secured and enclosed location.

Avoid a $150 fine. Do not put food scraps in your garbage.

Can I put it in my Green Cart?



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