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Environmental Loads for use with BCBC 2018

Exterior Mechanical Equipment

Heating and cooling is an important part of making your home a healthy and comfortable environment to live in. We often rely on exterior heating and cooling equipment and heat pumps to modify the temperature of air and water and distribute it throughout the home in an efficient manner. All mechanical equipment creates noise, and while manufacturers strive to improve efficiency and reduce noise levels, from time to time this equipment may be disruptive in residential areas. Therefore, it is important that exterior mechanical equipment is located in areas that have minimal impact on the quality of life of all residents.

New Bylaw Regulates Location of Exterior Mechanical Equipment

The City of Coquitlam Zoning Bylaw No. 3000, 1996 has been amended to update its policies to limit the siting of exterior mechanical equipment and vent terminations for central heating/cooling equipment in residential interior side yards in order to minimize the disruptive impacts that mechanical equipment may have on adjacent residents.

As of January 29, 2019  Section 514 of the Zoning Bylaw stipulates the siting exceptions for one-family residential, two-family residential, triplex residential, quadruples residential and street-oriented village home residential uses that exterior heating and cooling equipment and associated venting terminations; heat pumps; ancillary swimming pool heating and filtering equipment; and 

  • ​Emergency generators must be located in the front, rear or exterior side yard and  an additional 1.0 metre from the interior side lot line that the building or structure the equipment serves; and
  • Venting terminations for central heating and cooling equipment must be located such that it does not vent into the area of a lot bounded by an interior side lot line; and
  • Ancillary swimming pool heating and filtering equipment is restricted to maximum height of 1.3 metres above grade.

This amendment to the Zoning Bylaw will apply to Building applications received on January 29, 2019 and after.

Building applicants prior to January 29, 2019 or replacement of existing equipment should please consider the placement of mechanical equipment to help reduce the impacts of noise from these types of equipment on neighbouring properties.

Guide to Placement of Mechanical Equipment

Read through this useful guide to assist you with the process of installing new mechanical equipment.

For more information on the bylaw and regulations and how the new rules may affect you, contact the Building Permits Division at 604 927-3441 or visit us on the main floor of City Hall.

Frontage Works Program

Anyone submitting a development application or single family building permit application in southwest Coquitlam is required to either:

  • Upgrade the section of street adjacent to their property to current standards; or
  • Make an equivalent cash payment towards City-funded streetscape upgrades.

If the City has already upgraded the streetscape, applications will be required to pay for the improvements made at the time of redevelopment.

Please visit our Frontage Works Program page for further information.

Coquitlam has updated its Noise Bylaw #1233, 1982.

New Hours

  • Construction noise Monday to Friday – 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. (previously to 10 p.m.).
  • Construction noise Saturdays – 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (previously 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.).
  • For-profit construction noise is not permitted on Sundays or holidays.
    • This now includes both professional builders and owners constructing new homes through an Owner-Builder Authorization from BC Housing’s Licensing and Consumer Services.

The following regulation remains in place:

  • Construction noise for non-profit projects (such as a homeowner building a deck) on Sundays and holidays - 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The restrictions only relate to loud work that is a nuisance to neighbours. Construction activities that take place quietly indoors and don’t disturb neighbours, such as painting or electrical installations, are permitted at any time.

Update: December 19, 2014 – Energy Efficiency Requirements 2012 British Columbia Building Code

This bulletin is to remind owners, developers, contractors and designers regarding several changes to the BCBC 2012.

As of December 19, 2014, applications for building permits must comply with the new requirements for energy efficiency in housing, small commercial and industrial buildings. The BC Building Code update (Section 9.36 and Section 9.32) includes requirements for the building envelope, space heating and cooling equipment, ventilation, and service water heating equipment.

Demolition Permits

To ensure the safety of workers and the public, the City of Coquitlam is implementing new procedures to ensure that demolition activities in the city are undertaken in a safe, reasonable and sustainable manner. These requirements complement those already in place by WorkSafe BC and will be effective October 1, 2014.

Update: December 11, 2013 - Fenestration (Windows, Doors and Skylights)Standards for Part 9 - Buildings in the 2012 BC Building Code

This bulletin is to remind homeowners, contractors, and building envelope designers of a change to the requirements governing windows, skylights and doors in the 2012 British Columbia Building Code (BCBC). Part 9 of the 2012 BC Building Code, sentence of Division B, known as NAFS or the “Harmonized Standard”, the regulation combines several regulations in force throughout North America to simplify the requirements governing fenestration products for both manufacturers and designers.

The extension of compliance deadline granted by BC Building Safety Standards Branch MO 110, 2013 is ending and any window, door and skylight installed on or after December 20, 2013 must conform to NAFS (North American Fenestration Standard) as well as A440S1-09 Canadian Supplement to AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440, NAFS – North American Fenestration Standard/Specification for Windows, Doors, and Skylights. This change applies to buildings that are constructed under Part 9 of Division B of the 2012 BCBC, such as one- and two-family dwellings, and apartment buildings up to three storeys in building height and less than 600 m2 in building area.

Projects choosing to comply with the 2006 BCBC fenestration regulations should be aware of the date mentioned above and coordinate installation of the windows, doors and skylights accordingly.

For full details, please see the bulletins listed below on the Province's Office of Housing and Construction Standards website.

  • B13-01-R: Manufactured Windows, Doors, and Skylights Compliance Extension (Revised April 12, 2013)
  • B13-06: Manufactured Windows, Doors and Skylights: Clarification of the Requirements of the 2012 BCBC

Please contact the Building Permits Division if you require additional clarification.


Bulletins below are listed by date of original issuance , e.g., “07-002” is a bulletin issued in the year 2007.

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