Good Neighbour Construction

Redevelopment in an existing neighbourhood can bring many benefits to the community. By being aware and respectful of neighbours, communicating with them effectively and following good development and construction practices, potential problems or disruptions, disturbances and delays can be avoided.

The City of Coquitlam regularly receives complaints from neighbours about construction activities in their neighbourhood. The City is often asked to resolve time-consuming and costly private disputes between builders and neighbours that can result in delays and additional costs for builders, litigation and/or stop work orders, or bylaw enforcement notices with fines being issued.

We recognize that construction can cause temporary inconveniences so we ask that you work with us to minimize this disruption by being a good neighbour when you build. You will save time and money by avoiding problems and City staff will be able to focus on inspecting and approving your work, rather than on resolving disputes between you and your neighbours.

See our Good Neighbour Construction brochure to see how you can be a good  neighbour during your construction.

Let’s work together - help us help you!

  • Read all the materials included with your Building Permit Package.
  • Plan your City inspection schedule ahead of time.
  • Identify property lines and do not encroach an adjacent properties.
  • Prior to site excavation, identify trees on adjacent properties and refer to the City of Coquitlam’s “Trees and Development” brochure to prevent damage.
  • Install appropriate sediment and erosion controls to avoid contamination of the City’s storm systems or protected creeks.
  • Keep all building materials, waste bins and equipment safely piled or stored on site and not on City streets, lanes, and boulevards.
  • Provide a bathroom facility for your workers.
  • Behave like you live in the neighbourhood and treat neighbours in the same manner you would like to be treated.

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