The Shelter welcomes all kinds of donations including: cash donations, food, towels, blankets, pet beds, carrying cages, toys, and other animal related equipment. 

Cash donations will be used to directly benefit the animals, such as to acquire specialized equipment and provide a fund for extraordinary veterinary costs.  Cash donations are not used to offset general operating costs of the shelter. Charitable receipts are available upon request for any donation and will be automatically mailed to identified donors of donations over $15.00. Charitable receipts may also be available for substantial donations of supplies. To make a donation or for more information, please contact the Coquitlam Animal Shelter.

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Coquitlam Animal Shelter Wish List

Thinking of making a donation to the Animal Shelter? Here are a few of the items we use on a regular basis!​


• Dry food
• Canned food (preferably pate) – any brand
• Fun cat toys!
• Swheat Scoop cat litter
• Temptation treats


• Canned dog food
• Soft dog treats, any brand
• Interactive toys (XL Kongs, puzzles)
• Durable toys

Small Animals (bunnies, mice, etc)

• Pine wood shavings
• Craisins
• Wood chew sticks (please ensure they are purchased at a pet store)
• Carefresh paper bedding
• Oxbow brand food (rabbits, rats, guinea pigs)

Please drop off donations at the Coquitlam Animal Shelter at 500 Mariner Way.

Coquitlam Animal Shelter

Phone: 604-927-7387 (604-927-PETS)
Fax: 604-927-7388
500 Mariner Way, Coquitlam, B.C. V3K 7B6
(Turn West off Mariner Way on Service Centre Driveway, just North of Austin Avenue)

Coquitlam Bylaw & Animal Services

Phone: 604-927-7387
Fax: 604-927-7388