Licences & Pet Owner Responsibilities

About Dog Licences

The first step to responsible dog ownership is licensing your dog. All dogs over the age of six months must be licenced every year with the City of Coquitlam. A dog licence helps protect your pet by providing an easy-to-identify dog tag and registration with the Coquitlam Animal Shelter. If your pet is lost anywhere in the world, the fastest way to be reunited with your dog is by this dog tag and the licence.
Dog licence fees also help fund the Coquitlam Animal Shelter which protects and finds homes for stray animals in the city, and help pay for animal control and regulatory services associated with pet ownership.
Bylaw Notice Violations (tickets) will be issued if your dog is found unlicenced. A minimum penalty for an unlicenced dog is $150.

Dog Licence Renewal – Now Available Online

The City will send a Dog Licence Renewal in December when your dog tag needs to be renewed. Sign up to receive your renewal notice by email – register for a myCoquitlam account or simply add your dog account to an existing myCoquitlam account. You must have your Account Number and Access Code to register. If you don’t know your Account Number or Access Code, call the Animal Shelter at 604-927-PETS(7387) or email Please remember to notify us if you change your contact info, move away or no longer have your dog, so that we may update or deactivate your dog licence account. Make changes to your account online by visiting our Online Dog Licence Application. Here you can apply for a new dog, remove a dog, provide spayed or neutered documents, request a new dog tag or upload an image of your dog. 

Renew your dog licence online by visiting our Dog Licence Renewal Service.

Dog Licensing Costs

The cost of licensing your pet depends on whether or not it is spayed or neutered - a reduced licence fee is charged for spayed or neutered dogs. A discount on licence fees is available until February 1. Discount fee also applies for any newly acquired dogs.

  • Spayed or neutered dogs until Feb. 1: $2​8.00
  • Spayed or neutered dogs after Feb. 1: $4​​5.00
  • Non-spayed or non-neutered dogs until Feb. 1: $5​7.00
  • Non-spayed or non-neutered dogs after Feb. 1: $​74.00
    (You must provide proof of spaying or neutering to receive the discounted licence rate.)

Dog Licences expire Dec. 31.

Dog Licensing Deadlines

If you have been asked by a Bylaw Officer to purchase a licence by a specific deadline or to comply with a Notice of Violation, please assure that the licence is purchased in-person by that specific date. You may also ask for an extension to your deadline. Failure to comply with the deadline may result in fines being mailed to you.  

Payment made in person can be cash, debit, cheque, VISA, MasterCard, American Express or money order.  By mail, please attach payment by cheque or money order with a completed application. Licence fees are not refundable or transferable.

New Dog Licence Applications

Your completed new licence application and proof of spaying or neutering can be dropped off, mailed or faxed to:

Coquitlam Animal Shelter
500 Mariner Way
Coquitlam BC V3K 7B6
Phone: 604-927-7387
Fax: 604.927.7388

It is a big responsibility to own a pet:

  • You must provide basic care which includes food, water, shelter, veterinary care and exercise for your pet.
  • You must abide by the City's bylaws around pets and animals.  This means your dog/s must be leashed at all times unless you're in a park that has dog off leash areas and times.
  • You must clean up after your dog.
  • Your pets must not cause a nuisance to the community.
  • If your dog has been designated as a vicious dog, due to a vicious attack, you must keep your dog kenneled on your property and keep it muzzled at all times in public places. Refer to the Animal Care and Control Bylaw No. 4240, 2011
  • You must licence your dog.
  • You must ensure your cat is identified either with a collar and tag, tattoo or microchip and is spayed or neutered if it goes outside. 
  • Owning or keeping of an exotic animal in the City of Coquitlam, such as a snake or reptile is prohibited. The City of Coquitlam Wild or Exotic Animals Prohibition Bylaw 3838, 2009 prohibits the keeping, selling, exhibiting or the display of any wild or exotic animal, including snakes and venomous reptiles, exotic cats, and other classes of animals as listed in the bylaw.

Visiting the Park with your Dog

The City’s goal is to create parks that are user-friendly for all people and animals. As a dog owner, there are three main things you can do that will  help ensure everyone has an enjoyable park experience:

  • Leash Up – Even if your dog is friendly and well-behaved, other dogs and people may find it scary to be approached by an off-leash dog. If you really want an off-leash experience, visit one of Coquitlam’s wonderful off-leash dog parks.
  • Clean Up – Even if the bag says “biodegradable” or “compostable”, it won’t break down in the bushes. Please throw all dog waste into the garbage, or take it home with you to flush.
  • Licence Up – Not only is the licence the best way to reunite you and your dog if separated, but the funds we receive from this help the furry friends at the Coquitlam Animal Shelter.

Mundy Park Enhancements to Benefit Park Users

Mundy Park is a Coquitlam jewel with 400 acres of urban forest dedicated for the public’s use and enjoyment.

Recognizing the need to balance the needs of various park users, the City of Coquitlam developed a Forest Management Plan for the park that was adopted by Council in June 2015.

As part of the public consultation process for the Forest Management Plan, the City received many comments from the public on dog conflicts in Mundy Park, and how these conflicts were impacting public enjoyment.

As such, Council recently approved a multi-pronged approach, to help manage these conflicts and achieve a better balance for all park users. This includes: 

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  • Increased Bylaw Enforcement

  • Trail Enhancements and New Separate Trails

New signage and maps will also be installed to make it easy for people to find their way and understand the rules.

The total cost for all of these improvements – including the overall trail system improvements, the “No Dogs / Nature Trail Loop” and the Dog Off-Leash Loop is $175,000.

It is anticipated that construction on the new trails will begin later in 2015. City staff will also hold information sessions in the park to help users understand the changes.

To find out more about the Mundy Park Forest Management Plan, visit To learn more about Coquitlam's various dog off-leash facilities, visit

Lost Pets

If you've lost a pet, please call us and we will input all details into our computer system including your pet's characteristics, and when and where it was lost.  When we receive reports of strays, we can cross reference the information you provided to see whether it's your lost pet that has been reported.  You can also bring in a picture of your lost pet and post it on the Bulletin Board at the Animal Shelter. (Posters should be no larger than 8 ½ by 11 - standard letter size.)

Cat ID ResgistrationCat ID Registration Program

Permanent cat identification can help reunite you with your pet should it go missing. If your cat has a tattoo or a microchip, register it with the Coquitlam Animal Shelter and we will add it to our database. Should your cat go missing and be brought to the Animal Shelter, we will be able to match your pet quickly and contact you.


Hundreds of pets in Coquitlam and Port Moody go missing from their homes and are brought to the Animal Shelter every year. Cats are reunited with their families less than 12% of the time. Registering your cat gives you the advantage of knowing that your pet records are kept secure along with other relevant information you choose to supply.


Fill out a cat registration form online or in person and email, fax, mail or drop it off at the Animal Shelter.

Pet Owner Tips

  1. Research an animal before you adopt.  There are books at the Coquitlam Animal Shelter that provide information on different breeds.
  2. It is best to adopt an animal that fits your family, home and lifestyle by considering breed factors such as:
    • some are good with kids;
    • some will require a lot of exercise;
    • the space you have available;
    • level of activity.
  3. Talk to shelter staff who are happy to provide information about different breeds and the animals up for adoption.
  4. It is a good idea to tattoo or have microchip implants as identifiers for your pets as they are a great means of tracking lost pets. However, tattoos and microchips are only effective if owners keep their contact information accurate. If you move, please ensure you update your contact information with the organization that provided the tattoo or microchip.

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