Off Leash Dog Areas

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In the City of Coquitlam, dogs must be on-leash everywhere unless designated by a sign as an off-leash area.

The Animal Care and Control Bylaw No. 4240, 2011 states:

  • 10. Control of Animals
    • 10.1 Except in areas and at times specifically designated by a posted notice as being an off leash area, every owner of an animal must ensure that the animal, other than an altered cat, is not, at any time, at large.

    Things you may not know about keeping your dog leashed:

    • Unleashed dogs, especially small ones, can be prey for predators such as coyotes or eagles;
    • Unleashed dogs can pick up diseases through contact with other animals and birds or their feces;
    • You may know you can control your dog if it's off leash BUT can you control another dog which your dog may approach, or may approach your dog;
    • Leashing is a good practise for preventing fights with other dogs;
    • If your dog harms someone you may be personally liable.

Visiting the Park with your Dog

The City’s goal is to create parks that are user-friendly for all people and animals. As a dog owner, there are three main things you can do that will  help ensure everyone has an enjoyable park experience:

  • Leash Up – Even if your dog is friendly and well-behaved, other dogs and people may find it scary to be approached by an off-leash dog. If you really want an off-leash experience, visit one of Coquitlam’s wonderful off-leash dog parks.
  • Clean Up – Even if the bag says “biodegradable” or “compostable”, it won’t break down in the bushes. Please throw all dog waste into the garbage, or take it home with you to flush.
  • Licence Up – Not only is the licence the best way to reunite you and your dog if separated, but the funds we receive from this help the furry friends at the Coquitlam Animal Shelter.

What to Know Before You Head to a Off-Leash Park or Trail

Following these simple behaviours at all our parks and trails makes the experience more enjoyable for everyone, including the dogs.  

  • Dog owners are responsible for their dog's behaviour;
  • Dog owners must maintain control of their dogs at all times;
  • Don’t let your dog disturb wildlife or sensitive habitat areas;
  • Please avoid bringing toys and food to the off-leash area when other dogs are present;
  • Dogs defined as "aggressive" or "vicious" in the Animal Care and Control Bylaw are prohibited from being off-leash;
  • Please fill in any holes your dog digs to ensure a clean and safe play area. 

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