Lost Pets

If you've lost a pet, please call us and we will input all details into our computer system including your pet's characteristics, and when and where it was lost.  When we receive reports of strays, we can cross reference the information you provided to see whether it's your lost pet that has been reported.  You can also bring in a picture of your lost pet and post it on the Bulletin Board at the Animal Shelter. (Posters should be no larger than 8 ½ by 11 - standard letter size.)

Coquitlam Animal Shelter

Phone: 604-927-7387 (604-927-PETS)
Fax: 604-927-7388
Email: animalshelter@coquitlam.ca
500 Mariner Way, Coquitlam, B.C. V3K 7B6
(Turn West off Mariner Way on Service Centre Driveway, just North of Austin Avenue)

Coquitlam Bylaw & Animal Services

Phone: 604-927-7387
Fax: 604-927-7388
Email: bylaw_enforcement@coquitlam.ca