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The shelter has a family of four Chihuahuas that are ready to start looking for their forever homes. The girls came from an overcrowding situation and have had limited socialization outside of their previous home. We will be looking for experienced homes that have the ability to continue with their socialization and help them become the confident and outgoing dogs we have started to see! Homes without small children will be the best match, as children would likely be too much for these girls. Because of their upbringing they tend to guard their food and sometimes toys, likely because they had to fight the rest of the pack for resources. They will need to be appropriately matched with any other dogs in the home and smaller breeds would likely be the best match.

Rosie is the most outgoing of the bunch and is extremely affectionate once she is comfortable with you. She can get a little nippy when she is excited and nibbles on fingers or even ears if she can get close enough, and this is a behaviour we are working on stopping. Rosie loves to play with toys, but does get a little protective of them with the other dogs. 

All the animals that arrive at the Shelter are stray. The information that we have on the animals has been gathered since their arrival at the Shelter, with the help of our volunteers. We do our best to assess the animals and disclose everything we know regarding health and temperament to interested adopters.

Adoption applications are available at the Shelter only. The application review process can take between 24-48 hours. The Shelter does NOT do same day adoptions.

If you have questions or concerns please contact the Animal Shelter at 604-927-7387 (604-927-PETS) or

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