Road & Utility Projects

Road & Utility Improvements Projects

The City of Coquitlam works continuously to maintain, upgrade, and expand the roads and infrastructure through community capital projects and road and utility projects.

North-Clarke Road Enhancements

The City of Coquitlam will be improving North Road and Clarke Road during the construction of the Evergreen Line ALRT Project.

Pipeline Road

The City is seeking public input for future improvements to Pipeline Road between Guildford Way and David Avenue.

Neighbourhood Enhancement Blitz

While many areas of Coquitlam are being renewed through redevelopment or growth, some parts of the community are not seeing those same changes. As such, the City has identified neighbourhoods that could benefit from improvements.

King Albert Greenway

The King Albert Greenway will provide a safe, accessible and attractive walking and cycling route from Gatensbury Street to Hillcrest Street.