Neighbourhood Enhancement Blitz

While many areas of Coquitlam are being renewed through redevelopment or growth, some parts of the community are not seeing those same changes. As such, the City has identified ten neighbourhoods that could benefit from improvements including:

  • Repainting the City-owned street light poles and cleaning up their bases;
  • Removing graffiti from City-owned utility boxes and wrapping them with local images;
  • Ensuring all sidewalk corners are wheelchair accessible;
  • Remarking road lines with a more visible and durable material;
  • Replacing worn-out or faded traffic signs and adding reflective strips to sign posts; 
  • Removing any unnecessary or redundant signs; 
  • Adding internally illuminated overhead street name signs at signalized intersections where they don’t currently exist; 
  • Removing any overgrown vegetation around City infrastructure or sidewalks; 
  • Sweeping all streets after vegetation removal; and
  • Repainting all fire hydrants.

Neighbourhood Blitz Phase 2 - 2019

Residents in six neighbourhoods will see improvements this spring in phase two of the City’s Neighbourhood Blitz program: Hoy & Scott Creeks, Lower Lougheed, Mayfair, Ozada, Cassin and Oakdale.

The work will take place in a blitz format with each neighbourhood taking about a month to complete. All of the work will be coordinated to maximize efficiency, minimize costs and nuisance impacts, and maximize the cleanliness and aesthetic appearance of the neighbourhood for residents.

Neighbourhood ​​​Date
April / May 2019
Hoy & Scott Creeks
May / June 2019
Cassin June / July 201​9
July 2019
Lower Lougheed
August 2019
August 2019

Neighbourhood Blitz Phase ​1 - 201​8

In 2018 the program was piloted in four areas:

Neighbourhood ​​​Date
May 2018
June 2018
Eagle Ridge July / August 2018
Nestor September 2018


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