North & Clarke Road Corridor Enhancements

North and Clarke Roads Multi-Use PathwayThe City of Coquitlam will be improving North Road and Clarke Road during the construction of the Evergreen Line ALRT Project.

The enhancements were initially presented at the Transit-Oriented Development Strategy information sessions in 2012, with more refined concepts presented at the recent Burquitlam-Lougheed Neighbourhood Plan information sessions. North Road Clarke Road Enhancements Display panels

In addition to maintaining vehicle capacity, overall features include:

  • improvements for pedestrians and cyclists such as multi-use pathways 
  • safer pedestrian crossings by reduced street crossing distances 
  • accessibility features
  • landscaping
  • decorative lighting 

Read the Report to Council, February 23, 2015 or share your feedback on the concepts at

North Road 

North Road is jointly-owned and operated by the Cities of Coquitlam and Burnaby and so enhancements along North Road will be cost-shared. 

Features include: 

  • Median enhancements:  Rain water infiltration, enhanced landscaping (with irrigation), trellis in select locations
  • Planted curb bulges at Cochrane, Cameron and Foster to provide opportunity for tree planting where limited opportunities exist on the corridor, introduce parking/bus stop lanes, shorten pedestrian crossing distance of North Road and improve intersection efficiency. 
  • Guideway accent Lighting (possibly phased) with the theme of navigation, North Star, associated with north-south alignment of North Road and of its history as a goods and people movement corridor
  • Possible street markers/wayfinding (currently under consideration)
  • Street Banners on existing light standards where possible 
  • Gateway features proposed near Gatineau in the median and at the intersection of North Road and Clarke Road. 
  • Nodal plaza/enhanced gateway areas, as well as boulevard and sidewalk enhancements for longer term through redevelopment
Due to space limitations at this time, it is not possible to widen the sidewalk and boulevard area to accommodate additional walk/cycle area, tree planting, underground hydro, or other street furnishings.  Instead, these improvements will be considered in conjunction with the Burquitlam-Lougheed Neighbourhood Plan update and as redevelopment provides opportunities along the corridor in the future. 


Clarke Road

Many road improvements including turning lanes, medians, sidewalk and multi-use pathway improvements are already underway or completed along Clarke Road.  As with North Road, some of the finer aesthetic corridor improvement concepts have been further developed and refined. 

Features include:

  • Turning lane improvements at the intersections of Clarke Road with Como Lake Ave and Smith Ave, as well as a new signalized intersection located at the Station/Mall entrance which is also aligned with a future east-west roadway. 
  • The Province is constructing the Burquitlam Station plaza area, complete with public art, that includes bus exchange, street furnishings, streetlights, drop off/pick up area, etc.
  • Bosa/Safeway construction frontage improvements with full streetscape frontage improvements planned by this development.  
  • Wider sidewalk and planted furnishing zone completed with lighting against the curb on areas of Burquitlam Mall frontage along Clarke Rd beyond the station plaza area (subject to the Mall providing the City with a right of way)
  • Guideway accent Lighting (possibly phased) with the theme of evolution of travel and continuation of elements of the north star accent lighting from North Road along Clarke 
  • Possible street markers/wayfinding (currently under consideration)
  • Gateway features proposed at intersection of North Road and Clarke Road and (per North Rd. concept) and southeast corner of Como Lake/Clarke intersection.  
  • The possibility of a community message sign and plaza area on the northwest corner of Como Lake/Clarke intersection 
  • Multi-use pathway along the west side of Clarke Road from Como Lake Ave to Kemsley Ave complete with pedestrian scale lights and tree planting to improve connectivity of local neighbourhoods and enhance aesthetics.  The Province has indicated a willingness to provide the City with a right of way for this purpose.
  • Nodal plaza/enhanced gateway areas, as well as boulevard and sidewalk enhancements for longer term through redevelopment

There are many areas along Clarke Road that require redevelopment to occur in order to achieve ultimate road design features. The City will be looking at these opportunities as they become available.


Project Contact Information

Phone: 604-927-3500