Transportation Options

Efficient transportation choices will help Coquitlam become a more sustainable community and enhance our high quality of life. Whether you walk, cycle, take transit, drive a truck or a car, your primary concern is likely to be how to TravelSmart and safely.

The City’s priority is to provide safe, cost effective and accessible transportation options for all people, including those with mobility challenges.  Coquitlam also encourages use of public transit, walking or cycling. It is recognized that resources are limited so the following outlines the many easy ways you can get around while improving the sustainability of our City and the region.

Strategic Transportation Plan

The Strategic Transportation Plan (STP) serves as a road map for Coquitlam’s Transportation System. It outlines high level transportation policies and potential improvements for all types of travel for the next 20 years and beyond. View the City’s progress toward achieving the transportation goals outlined in the Strategic Transportation Plan Report Card – 2019 Update.

Learn more about Coquitlam’s Strategic Transportation Plan.