City of Coquitlam has developed various ongoing programs to improve the safety and environment for the pedestrians including:

  • Annual Sidewalk Program – where each year an evaluation of sidewalk requests considers key factors such as safety. adjacent land use and other factors for sub-sequent year implementation.
  • School Walkability Program – focusing on improving pedestrian facilities around elementary schools.
  • City - Wide Greenways – a new program as part of our Strategic Transportation Plan that provides continuous walking and cycling routes linking major destinations throughout the City including major commercial centres, schools, parks and other community facilities.

Many new sidewalks in the City are also installed through land developments. When land along most roads is subdivided or rezoned, the developer is required to construct the road frontage(s) to the City's current standard, which usually consists of sidewalks, curb and gutter, landscaped boulevard and streetlights.

Sidewalks, through property owner’s petition, can also be built under Local Area Service Program. It is a neighborhood improvement undertaken for the benefit of the property owners whose property directly abuts the street where the work is done. Local area service usually includes sidewalks, road pavement, curb and gutters, street lighting and etc. The costs of service are paid by the owners of abutting properties, with some assistance from the City.

In addition to constructing sidewalks, the City also constructs curb letdowns, curb extensions and retrofits existing sidewalks that need replacement to improve walking environment.

The City believes that walking is a viable, sustainable and growing alternative to the private car for many trips. It increases access to health services, education, shopping, employment, recreation and beyond.