Roads & Transportation

Transportation Options

Learn about the many accessible and sustainable ways to travel around Coquitlam.

Overview | Transportation Options | Public Transit | Walking | Cycling  Driving | Trucks & Goods | Airports 

Transportation Planning

Transportation planning is important to maintaining and improving Coquitlam’s transportation system.

Overview | Transportation Planning | Strategic Transportation Plan | Streets & Corridor Planning   

Road & Traffic Operations

Transportation Operations oversees traffic signals and calming measures, parking, street maintenance and collection of traffic data.

Overview | Adopt-A-Street Program | Parking | Road & Sidewalk Closure Permit | Street Maintenance | Traffic Calming | Traffic Data | Traffic Signals & Signs 

Road & Construction Projects

Learn about ongoing and upcoming transportation related design and construction projects around Coquitlam.

Overview | Road & Utility Improvements Projects | North-Clarke Road Enhancements  |  Pipeline Road