Streets & Corridor Plans

Street or Corridor plans are often prepared, including public feedback, before major transportation projects are built. Recent plans are shown below. Visit our Road Construction page to see active roadwork projects around Coquitlam.

Northeast Arterial Street Design

This purpose of this design work is to help determine the ultimate street configuration including the number of lanes, sidewalks as well as other street features for Northeast Coquitlam arterial streets. In 2013, the City completed functional design work for Victoria Drive, Coast Meridian Road and David Avenue in Northeast Coquitlam.  In addition, a design was developed to raise and relocate portions of Cedar Drive for flood management and environmental protection.

David Avenue, Noons Creek to Pinetree Way Concept Plan

The purpose of this project is to finish the south side of David Avenue for the section between Noons Creek and Pinetree Way and construct new pedestrian and cycling facilities in the form of a multi-use pathway (MUP), as well as wide curb lanes for commuter cyclists. In the portion between Johnson and Pinetree Way the project adds an additional travel lane.  Streetlights as well as view look-outs at the creek crossings may also be provided as part of this project. The concept plan was completed in 2011.

Poirier Streetworks Project

This project proposes a new three metre wide multi-use path on the west side of Poirier from Regan Ave to Foster as well as curb extensions at intersections. These improvements make cycling and walking to school and key community destinations more comfortable. It is also intended to improve safety at intersections by enhancing driver and pedestrian visibility. This project leverages on planned pavement rehabilitation work. The concept plan was completed in 2011.

King Albert Streetworks Project

This project finishes King Albert Avenue between Blue Mountain and Gatensbury. It leverages off planned pavement rehabilitation work by proposing paved parking bays, street lighting, a multi use pathway adjacent to Blue Mountain Park, and a pedestrian signal at the intersection of Blue Mountain. The project is intended to improve operational safety, enhance pedestrian and bike connections as well as improve aesthetics. The concept plan was completed in 2012.

Lougheed Riverview Multi Use Path Feasibility Study

The key objective of this 2010/2011 study was to identify a direct route parallel to Lougheed Highway that would accommodate existing cycling and walking trips as well as attract new users. The study looked at three alignment options for a multi-use pathway parallel to the Lougheed Highway and found that from a technical perspective, the route just west of the Lougheed Highway within Riverview lands is the preferred option.

Coquitlam Fraser Greenway

The Coquitlam Fraser Greenway study was conducted in 2009 to identity a pedestrian-bike connection through Pacific Reach between the Central Valley Greenway in New Westminster and the new Port Mann Bridge. The study reaffirmed the Fraser River waterfront route as the long-term vision route, consistent with the City's Master Trail Plan. In recognition of the many immediate challenges to construct the waterfront route, the study recommended a Hybrid Route through Pacific Reach to be implemented in the near term. The funding of the Hybrid Route may require new partnership contributions from TransLink, the Province, and other funding sources.

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