Northeast Coquitlam Street Designs

In 2013, the City of Coquitlam completed functional design work for the following northeast Coquitlam arterial streets:

  • Victoria Drive from Coast Meridian Road to Mars Street 
  • Coast Meridian Road from David Avenue to Harper Road 
  • David Avenue from Coast Meridian Road to Marigold Street

The City has also developed a design to raise and relocate portions of Cedar Drive north of Victoria Drive for flood management and environmental protection.

Details on the projects including anticipated construction phasing are available in the Northeast Streets - Completion of Funtional Design Process Council Report.

Council endorsed the preferred functional plans for the four corridors in January 2014. However for Coast Meridian Road, Council amended Option 3 as the preferred design replacing the three lane cross section with a four lane cross section from Princeton Avenue to Harper Drive.

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