Traffic Operations & Constructions

Adopt-A-Street Program

The City of Coquitlam has created the Adopt-A-Street program to increase community awareness and participation in litter control. Our mission is to maintain a sustainable and beautiful City by encouraging everyone to take an active role.


Many streets in Coquitlam have parking restrictions for safety and emergency access. Check you are not parking too close to fire hydrants, intersections, driveways or crosswalks.

Road & Sidewalk Closure Permit

A Road & Sidewalk Closure Permit is needed whenever work requires the use of City road right-of-ways. The City must grant approval before any travel lane or sidewalk be closed.

Street Maintenance

Coquitlam's Pavement Rehabilitation Program prioritizes and determines the best strategy for renewing streets. Let us know if you have any concerns about current road condition or suggestions for future road improvements.


Information on Traffic calming, Traffic Data, Traffic Signals & Signs.