Boulevard Maintenance

What is a boulevard?

The boulevard is the section of land between the property line and the edge of the pavement or curb of the road. Property owner(s) and residents are required to maintain the City boulevard bordering their property, where it borders the front, back or sides of the property. This includes the maintenance and upkeep of separated boulevards, which is the area between the curb and the sidewalk. 

The boulevard is a public space. Underground utilities such as water mains, storm mains, sanitary mains, hydro lines and gas lines share the boulevard.  City staff or utility companies require access to maintain these underground utilities, or for other purposes such as to build new sidewalks, install street signs, or prune street trees. 

Boulevards are important features because:

  • their landscaping and maintenance affects the overall look and feel of the street;
  • overgrown vegetation can cause sight-line issues;
  • obstacles can restrict pedestrians and people in wheelchairs or with strollers;
    there can be an increase in peek flows in creeks and ravines if there is overuse of impervious materials; and,
  • Invasive plants in boulevards can spread to other areas.

Landscaping Options

Residents have options regarding how their boulevards are landscaped, but need to ensure that:

  • Sight lines are protected.
  • Pedestrians have safe access.
  • Parking is not impacted.
  • Street trees are protected.
  • Impervious areas are limited.
  • Aesthetics are preserved.

Plantings in boulevards (trees, shrubs, flowers, and grass) are valuable amenities that greatly enhance the aesthetics and health of our neighbourhoods.

Read through our Boulevard Landscape Maintenance Guidelines and Policies brochure for details on landscaping boulevards.

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