Small Business Information Session

Thank you for participating in our Small Business Information Session for 2019.

Your confidential feedback will help us create an even better event for 2020! This survey should take about five minutes to complete. Thank you for your feedback.

In general, how would you rate your overall satisfaction with the 2019 Small Business Information Session?

How did you hear about this event?

Please provide us with any ideas you may have on how the following aspects of the event could be improved.

(advertising, social media, invitations, signs, etc.)
(table locations and groupings, location of food, location of Business Licensing table, etc.)
(sequence of events)
How satisfied were you with the panel from external agencies?

Would you prefer to see Small Business Information Session held in the morning, afternoon, or evening?

What is your perspective on the following statement: I believe the Small Business Information Session provides good value to small business owners?

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