Late Payment Penalties

I was not able to pay my bill by the due date; can the City waive the penalty?

The City understands that homeowners may not be able to pay their bill by the due date. However, the Local Government Act and City Bylaws clearly state that a penalty must be applied to the the outstanding balance. The City cannot waive the penalty.

Can I make partial payment on my taxes or utilities account?

Any payment you are able to make will reduce your outstanding balance and the amount of the penalty that you will have to pay.

Information Residential Utility Bill 2020 Property Tax Bill 2020
Payment Due Date March ​31 July ​​​2
1st 5% penalty added to outstanding balance April ​​1 July ​3
2nd 5% penalty added to outstanding balance ​October ​1 September 1​​​6
On December 31, any Unpaid Balance from the Utilities account is transferred to Tax account. Daily interest charges are applied until paid in full. (No longer eligible for credit card payment). December 31