Utility Fee

Find out information regarding Coquitlam’s annual Utility Bill collection.

Overview | Utility ​Fee information | How to Pay your Utility ​Fee Bill | Utilities Instalment Plan 

Property Taxes

Find out information regarding Coquitlam’s annual Property Tax collection.

Overview | Property Tax Information | How to Pay your Property Tax Bill | Home Owner Grant | Property Tax Prepayment Plan 

Yearly Taxes & Utilities Calendar

View the calendar of important dates and deadlines for property tax and utility bill collection.

Name or Address Changes

Find out how to change the name or mailing address on your property tax and utility bill.

Late Payment Penalties

Learn about upcoming deadlines and the penalties applied to late utility and property tax payments.

Just the Facts

Of all the fees you pay in a year your municipal government receives just 7% on average to provide the services you need and use every day in the city.