Water Use Restrictions & Regulations

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During the summer our water use can double mainly due to outdoor uses such as watering lawns and gardens, washing cars, and pressure washing outdoor surfaces. The region-wide regulations are an effective way to help use our drinking water wisely and reduce demands during these drier months. Watering outside of the allowed times could result in a $75-$500 fine under the Drinking Water Conservation Plan Bylaw No. 4838, 2018.

Lawn Watering Restrictions 

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Water Conservation Tools 

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The full list of water use regulations for homes, businesses, governments, and schools is available in Metro Vancouver’s Drinking Water Conservation Plan Summary document.

Residential, multi-family, commercial, industrial and institutional properties are all required to follow these restrictions. The City enforces water use restrictions to:

  • Help sustain water for present and future generations.
  • Accommodate for the region's inability to capture, store and distribute water because of the limited capacity of the City's watersheds.
  • Defer the costs of operating and expanding water supply and transmission facilities.
  • Help stabilize the increase in water consumption that takes place during the summer months.
  • Maintain consistent water pressure to customers.

Water Exemption Permits

Installing a new lawn or applying a nematode treatment to control European Chafer beetle? Apply for a water exemption permit.

Water Use Restrictions during Extreme Fire Risk

During periods of “Extreme” fire risk, certain properties identified by Coquitlam Fire/Rescue may be eligible for extended watering of vegetation. ​Visit the Fire Safety webpage for more details.

Engineering Customer Service
For inquiries or to report a watering violation or a leaking water service: