Arts, Culture & Heritage Strategic Plan

Arts, Culture & Heritage Strategic PlanThe 2015 – 20​30 Arts, Culture & Heritage Strategic Plan (ACHSP) provides an overarching vision and strategic planning framework to guide the City and its partners in organizing, coordinating and prioritizing cultural programs and services that respond to current and future community needs.

The Arts, Culture and Heritage Key Findings Report provides the research findings that led to the final directions and actions recommended in the ACHSP.

The ACHSP recommendations and actions have been incorporated into the Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan.

Where We Are

The City of Coquitlam recognizes the increasingly important role played by arts, cultural and heritage programs and experiences in:

  • engaging residents;
  • enhancing civic pride;
  • celebrating culturally diverse populations; and
  • contributing to the quality of life needed to attract people and investment in local economies.

The City provides facilities and annual operating funding and delivers a broad range of such services through direct delivery, partnerships with societies and non-profit providers, and via programming and other service offerings. Some of the cultural programming and events are supported through partial funding grants or other City actions.

Examples include:

The 2015 - 2030 Arts, Culture and Heritage Strategic Plan creates a single, overarching long-range vision and implementation strategy that aims to raise the profile and enhance the arts, culture and heritage programs and services delivered in Coquitlam.

The ACHSP has enabled Coquitlam to define its arts, cultural and heritage aspirations and priorities, and develop detailed long-term service objectives for arts, culture and heritage over the next 15 years.

The ACHSP outlines five Strategic Goals with recommendations for a number of future actions to support the achievement of these goals. Moreover, to deliver some early meaningful improvements, the ACHSP highlights top ten priorities as a short-term focus, followed by further actions to be pursued over time.  It expands on the vision outlined in the Cultural Services Strategic Plan (2010) by including goals, priorities and concrete actions to provide rich cultural experiences for all.​

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