Adventure Playground



Adventure Playground Entrance

Play, build and let kids be kids! 

The Adventure Playground, a pilot project during the summer of 2018, is coming back for the summer of 2019! Check back soon for more details including location and hours of operation.

Don’t expect the typical colourful play equipment like fixed swings and slides in this playground. Adventure playgrounds emphasize the importance of unstructured play. 

The drop-in play space ​allows kids age three to 12 to let their imaginations run wild as they play with planks of wood, hammers, nails, tires, tarps and other materials. Parents and caregivers can observe their children from outside the play area while children build, create, alter and enhance the space as they choose. Play is self-directed, creative and imaginative.

The concept is part of a growing playground trend that encourages kids to be curious and creative, to engage with their surroundings, and to test their limits within an environment of managed risk.

View our photo album on Facebook to see images from summer 2018. 

Benefits of Unstructured Play

Adventure PlaygroundEmerging research is recognizing the benefits of unstructured, risky and creative play for healthy child development. Through free and independent play, children can:

  • Learn how to identify hazards and assess risks
  • Develop creativity and self-confidence
  • Practice critical thinking
  • Improve physical literacy


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