Trail System

Coquitlam's trail system, one of our most requested recreation facilities, totals over 90 kilometres. It also includes a portion of the
Trans Canada Trail, which spans from coast to coast. 

Our trails can be enjoyed by everyone, whether it's for fitness, pleasure or viewing wildlife and nature opportunities. The trail surfaces are suitable to all types of activities and some are wheelchair accessible.

Coquitlam is also home to the regionally famous Coquitlam Crunch, the two-kilometer trail located under the Hydro Right of Way in the Eagle Ridge and Eagle Mountain areas. This trail connects Eagle Ridge Park to Eagle Mountain Park and has a challenging elevation gain of 250 metres. There is a viewpoint and rest area halfway up the trail. Parking is available off Lansdowne Drive.

View the Explore the great outdoors - Trail Maps & Guide or use the Park Finder to help plan your next visit! 

If You Encounter Wildlife

  • Stop and remain calm. Often the wildlife is just passing through and will simply move on if it finds no food source.
  • Do not scream or run.
  • Make yourself look big.
  • Talk in a low and calm voice while backing away slowly.

Popular Trail Destinations

Below are some of our more popular trails:

Share the trails, share the responsibility

  • Always show consideration and respect for other trail users.
  • Respect nature and stay on the trails. 
  • Make yourself familiar with off-leash regulations and clean up after your dog.
  • When bicycling always remember to be courteous to pedestrians.
  • Do not capture or disturb wildlife as they are protected by federal and provincial law. 

For any concerns or enquiries, please contact Parks Customer Service:
Phone: 604-927-6300

2013 Master Trail Plan

The Master Trail Plan is a comprehensive guide for planning the City of Coquitlam’s trail network. ​It shows proposed new major trail connections in addition to the 95 kilometers of existing maintained trails and pathways within the City. The network of off-road and on-road trails are intended to be complementary for pedestrians and cyclists. The Trail Development Guidelines & Standards is a supplement document to the Master Trail Plan. 

This plan will be reviewed regularly to ensure it remains up to date and integrated with other city planning and financial documents.