Grade 5 & 6 Active Passes

The Grade 5 Get Active! Pass provides free admissions throughout the school year to all drop-in activities. The Grade 6 Stay Active! Pass provides 12 free admissions. These passes are valid until Sept. 3, 2019

Bring any required documentation to one of the follwing locations:

Remember to keep your cards safe. ​Replacement cards are available at a nominal fee of $5.00.​

For more information, please contact us:
Phone: 604-927-4386

Grade 5 & 6 Active CardGrade 5 Get Active! Pass

To receive a Grade 5 Get Active! Pass, please bring the following documentation to one of the facilities listed above:

  • A letter of verification from School District 43 from the school's administrator (not a teacher) identifying the applicant as a Grade 5 student.
  • Birth certificate or Care Card showing the student's age as of December 31, 2018.
  • Proof of Coquitlam residency | e.g. phone, hydro, cable or gas bill or a property tax notice. 
    Note: Driver's licence and post office boxes are not acceptable.
  • Your child – to have their picture taken.

Grade 6 Stay Active! Pass

If you are a Grade 6 who: 

  • has received a Grade 6 Stay Active! Pass renewal postcard, bring the postcard to exchange it for your Grade 6 Stay Active! card.
  • has their expired Grade 5 Get Active! card, bring the school letter with birth certificate, proof of residency to exchange it for a Grade 6 Stay Active! card.
  • will be activating their Grade 6 Stay Active! card for the first time, school letter with birth certificate and proof of residency is required.

A birth certificate and proof of Coquitlam residency are not required with the postcard.

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