Personal Training

Personal TrainingReach your fitness goals faster with the help of a personal trainer. Whether you are new to the gym or an experienced fitness lover, a personal trainer can teach you new exercises, keep you motivated and working out effectively and efficiently. Get the most out of your workout!

Why workout with a Personal Trainer?

  • Receive an individual fitness program, specifically tailored to suit your needs, schedule, abilities and goals
  • Maximize your workout efficiency
  • Improve your strength, flexibility, endurance, posture, balance, coordination and cardiovascular health
  • Learn correct body position, form and technique for cardiovascular and strength training
  • Learn how to prevent injury and stay safe while using equipment
  • Stay motivated and keep your workout exciting, preventing boredom
  • Learn new ways to improve your health and well-being

What do our Personal Trainers do?

After assessing your fitness level and personal goals, a trainer will create a program to meet your specific needs. The trainer will help you work at your own pace and comfort level, optimizing each workout for high efficiency.

Choose Your Location

By training in Coquitlam, you have the option to work out at four different locations throughout the City. You'll also have access to the latest fitness equipment, studio space and outdoor training.

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personal trainingPersonal Training Packages

Please note these prices do not include tax. 

One-On-One Training Packages

  • Mandatory Assessment Session (75 mins) – $65
  • 3 sessions (60 mins each) – $167
  • 5 sessions (60 mins each) – $265
  • 10 sessions (60 mins each) – $504

Get started!

1. Complete the online Personal Training Client Information Package (download)

2. Drop it off or fax it to one of these facilities:

3. With the information provided we'll matched you to a trainer and provide you with a personal training package options to suit your needs.

Meet Our Trainers

All of Coquitlam's personal trainers are certified and have extensive backgrounds in the heath and fitness industry. Each trainer brings something unique to our team. Get to know our trainers and read their profiles.

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  • Amir

  • Brianna

  • Brittany

  • Corinne

  • Daniel

  • Elaine

  • Jacky

  • Jeff

  • Jessica

  • JoLynn

  • June

  • Mahdis

  • Niki

  • Noosha

  • Pamela

  • Patrick Mc.

  • Sabina