Outdoor Sports Facility Request Form

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The purpose of this Outdoor Sport Facility Request Form is to provide Coquitlam Parks, Recreation and Culture Services with all of your ​tournament needs. All requests need to be approved by City staff and reflected on your contract. 

​New! Tournament Application Deadlines 

Please note the following changes:

  • less than 500 ​attendees, applications must be submitted at least 3 months prior to ​a tournament.
  • more than 500 ​attendees, applications must be submitted at least 6 months prior to ​a tournament.

Percy Perry Stadium*

Percy Perry Stadium*     Community   Private     Commercial   
2000 or Fewer Attendees $74.00 $​147.00 $​199.00
Over 2000 Attendees $126.75 $​251.00 $​332.00
 – per hour with a 2 hour minimum*Effective April 1, 2019


Commercial: Any individual, company or organization engaged in the pursuit of business for profit through the use of Parks, Recreation and Cultural facilities.

Community Organization: A Coquitlam based non-profit, non-restricted membership group or organization whose activities are consistent wiht the goals, objectives and standards of the City. Religious groups, union meetings and politicial meetings shall be charged fees on the basis of the Community Organization rate. 

Private: Any individual or organization which does not meet the requirements of the "Community Organization" or "Commercial" definition. 

Form Submission Instructions

Please complete all required fields (marked with an *asterisk) before submitting the form. If the submission is not sent, please review your submission and complete the missing fields. You will receive a confirmation once you have successfully submitted the form.

For more information, contact:
Outdoor Sports Coordinator
Phone: 604-927-6306
Email: fieldrequest@coquitlam.ca

Section 1: Contact Information

Section 2: Tournament or Sport Activity Information

Is your tournament or sport activity:
Was this event held in Coquitlam in previous years?
Participants are:
Is this event open to the public?
Will you charge admission or participant fee?

Section 3: Requested Date(s), Time(s) & Location(s)

Tournament Length
Please use the 24hr clock (e.g. 12 – 15:00).
Please use the 24hr clock (e.g. 12 – 15:00).
Please use the 24hr clock (e.g. 12 – 15:00)

Requested Field or Space Location 

Provide the following information regarding your field/space request. When indicating Town Centre Park, please refer to the site map.

Please use the 24hr clock (e.g. 12 – 15:00).
Please use the 24hr clock (e.g. 12 – 15:00).
Please use the 24hr clock (e.g. 12 – 15:00).

Section 4: Attendance & Tournament Details

Please include players, coaches, parents/guardians.
Please check all onsite activities

Provide as must detail as possible.

Section 5: Risk Management

Event Insurance

A minimum of $2 million liability insurance naming the City of Coquitlam as an additional insured is required. Events with liquor licence applications must provide $5 million liability insurance. You may also be required to have your suppliers provide a certificate of insurance in the of $2 million liability naming the event and the City of Coquitlam. Suppliers such as electrical services, staging, tenting, lighting/sound, heavy equipment rentals and high risk activities like climbing walls and sporting demos may require insurance. 


  • Written permission from Parks, Recreation and Culture is required before any permits can be issued.
  • An electrical permit may be required from BC Safety Authority.
Will liquor be served? Written permission from Parks, Recreation and Culture is required before any permits can be issued.*
Will food be served? If yes, a permit may be required by Fraser Health Authority*
Will you be constructing any structures over 1200 sq. ft. (e.g. tents, stages, etc.)*
What is your first aid plan?
Will an external security company be used for your tournament or sport activity?

Section 6: Equipment and Waste Management

Indicate which equipment you will need for your tournament or sport activity. Please note, the City has a small amount of event equipment available. The equipment is not guaranteed and is based on availability; delivery charges may apply.
Waste | Garbage Removal:

Section 7: Collection and Use of Personal Information

By checking "I consent" you are consenting to the voluntarily collection and use of your personal information in accordance with Section 26(d) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The information provided by you will be used solely for the purpose of requesting a school garden tour and communicating with you about the School Tour Program. Your information will not be used for any other purpose. If you have any questions about the collection, storage, correction and/or use of your personal information please contact the City of Coquitlam Parks, Recreation and Culture 604-927-6306 or fieldrequest@coquitlam.ca.*
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