2018 Get Out the Vote
2018 Get Out the Vote
Housing Choices Review
Housing Choices Review
City Centre Area Plan
Housing Affordability Strategy
Housing Affordability Strategy
Community Plans

Community Plans are used to guide the development and growth of the City, and are responsible for the development of policies and programs that provide a broad framework for managing future change.
Southwest Coquitlam | Northwest Area Plan | Northeast Area Plan | City Centre Plan

Licences & Permits

Coquitlam requires and issues Permits and Licences for a variety of purposes. Learn more about obtaining permits and licences and the necessary requirements.


Zoning regulations are outlined in the City's Zoning Bylaw. They are a set of rules that specify how a structure may be used or developed on a property. Homeowners are primarily concerned with regulations within the residential zones, while business people are largely affected by the Commercial and Industrial zoning requirements.

Infrastructure Projects

Coquitlam has invested in modern infrastructure that continues to pave the way for residential, commercial/retail and industrial growth.
Design & Construction Projects | Facility Projects